Our Programs

The Gusto name is well known around the southern part of New Brunswick for helping young hockey players enhance their skill set and their overall understand of the game. Gusto is built on values such as respect, passion, integrity, work ethic, team work, character and fun. In this vein, we are going to take the Gusto brand and apply it to other sports. Gusto Sports @ RNS has evolved to include sports such as hockey and soccer and will continue to add sports. Gusto Sports @ RNS prides itself on providing a positive teaching approach that encourages and allows players the opportunity to work outside of their comfort zones, take risks and make mistakes in a safe and controlled environment. Throughout the year, Gusto Sports @ RNS will endevour to provide an opportunity for our players to get the support they need to become better and more knowledgeable people both on and off the playing pitch.